Performax Labs StimMax Takes Stims to the MAX

Performax Labs StimMax Takes Stims to the MAX

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Performax Labs is taking pre workout stimulants to the MAX with StimMax, including a whopping 423mg caffeine along with Dynamine and nootropics. Performax Labs is absolutely unstoppable. The maximum-powered supplement experts went through a major rebrand in 2017, upgrading several of their products along with their look. This includes the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


400mg caffeine plus additional stims?

Jesus, y’all. Performax makes good stuff but when is enough enough?

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@AfroPope It is never enough.


Is this gonna have Eria in it?

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There’s an arms race in the world of stims these days. I don’t foresee it ending soon.


Got a feeling the FDA is going to come down. Seems like everything has been ‘waiting’ for the final DMAA appeal decision.

If “found in nature” is not good enough, hell may break loose.

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Right, but with each stim ban, before the next is discovered, everyone just bumps up their caffeine content. They all keep trying to make their stims “stronger” regardless of what’s available.

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That’s driven by consumers being over caffeinated and wanting to feel stunned out all the time.

Companies are only responding to consumer demand


I still think the money is gonna be on a moderate caffeine high other stimulants preworkout with some adaptogens


This label is now out!!! Check the post!

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Damn it Mike!! You’re making me want to buy stuff!

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Isn’t it actually 428 mg of caffeine? Label says 350 for CafAnhydrous, not 325


Should total 423mg. I assume they didn’t get the finalized label when they were first writing the article. I don’t know for sure though.


My mistake folks!! Will update immediately. Thanks for the catch.

@ProsAndSkahns send me a private message with your address if you’re in the US. You got a care package headed your way (but it will get shipped next week after the Arnold most likely).

Appreciate the help!

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@Mike - not letting me send a DM; can you send me one? :joy:


My bad - mistyped. Good catch!