Outbreak Nutrition RECLAIM: The Fat Burning Drink that Leaves Nobody Behind

Outbreak Nutrition RECLAIM: The Fat Burning Drink that Leaves Nobody Behind


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When the zombie apocalypse comes, the last thing you want to be is fat when the living dead knock on your door. Thankfully, Outbreak Nutrition has us all covered with Reclaim, a powdered fat burner fueled by some serious stimulants (get ready for J. Regia). Will it get you shredded… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Shame it’s missing some LeanGBB I must say, but I understand the concerns with it, some might not like it, but a lower dose still may be nice (12.5mg)?


Anyone have any solo LeanGBB?


I haven’t seen solo lean GBB but carnitine powders have it as a non-stim

Also, this looks good but I don’t think it’s going to out-stim Bloodshred Raw or even Fitmax. No Y or Alpha Y here so won’t be a wild ride


Haven’t seen it either. Have seen a product with 100mg per serving though


Why exactly does a product that already has carnitine need LeanGBB? What LeanGBB is claimed to be is an alternative way to increase carnitine levels, which should have the same benefits as carnitine use, just with a lower dose, and potentially less adverse effects, meaning that if you tolerate carnitine well, and don’t need to conserve space in a serving (powder vs caps), there’s no need to opt for LGBB over carnitine, and no need to have both at all really.

The makers of LGBB itself claim that 50-100mg is equivalent to 3g l-carnitine. Why do you need both? An I missing something here?


Lean GBB makes you sweat buckets. I’ve never had those effects with carnitine.


I used Sweat Compound by MAN Sports. Def. turned the furnace up!


I get that some people like sweating, but more sweat doesn’t inherently mean more fat loss. As far as actual fat loss is concerned, the makers of GBB appear to claim that it’s as effective as full doses of carnitine. I’d hardly say that a fat burner “needs” LeanGBB, or even that LeanGBB would lead to greater fat loss than an equivalent dose of carnitine. I think many people confuse thermogenesis with feeling hot, or sweating. In fact, exposure to cold can actually increase energy expenditure, and being cold is pretty much the opposite of sweating.


I’m curious on how any oral dosage of l-carnitine will lead to fat loss


Man sports makes a solo LeanGBB


If any dose of oral l-carnitine wouldn’t help increase fat loss, I see no reason why LeanGBB would, as the product information from the company who sells the trademarked LeanGBB clearly states that it’s a precursor of carnitine, increases carnitine production, and has equal effects as l-carnitine. The effects of l-carnitine on fat loss is a conversation of its own, but if you’re questioning l-caritine, you’d logically have to also question LeanGBB.

That said, I do not think we can accurately say that the consensus is that carnitine doesn’t have an actual direct effect on fat loss, as there is some research suggesting that it can/does:

Now, I do completely believe that carnitine(s) have a place in fat burners, and can, at the least, indirectly help with fat loss and a cut. For example, LCLT can improve recovery, which can clearly help during a cut when recovery isn’t ideal, and ALCAR can help reduce mental fatigue, which is also something that can happen during a cut more than other times.


II don’t believe LeanGBb is worth anything much other than another jump at something to hope it sticks. It doesn’t make me sweat and it’s funny how many products that use it contain yohimbe or another stim of some kind as well.

There is more than enough data on l-carnitine to dismiss it orally. For example, that second study you posted was funded by Lonza (shocking) and was n=12, umm ok…and a very small handful skewed those numbers. But let’s put a small amount of people on a controlled diet for 10 days, then control the same people for another 10 days and expect no metabolic change that naturally starts to occur because it’s actually the l-carnitine that’s making the difference this time. Sorry man, not buying it.

I’ll agree with alcar being of value. LCLT at a high dosage maybe


The first study was more or a review or studies, and admittedly nothing is conclusive, and the subjects tended to not be resistance-trained individuals anyway, but my original point is that LeanGBB would be AT BEST equivalent to l-carnitine at burning fat (per se), so I just don’t get the hype behind it. I do still believe that the inclusion of carnitine in a fat burner is more of a “support” ingredient than an actual fat burner, but can still be a solid addition. As for the dose of LCLT, doses as low as 1g have been shown to be effective, although I’d opt for 2g ideally. Not all that different from dosing ALCAR really.


I fully agree with this, but I personally believe that if you’re an average joe not sweating during a training session, you’re not training hard enough. Guilty as charged here a lot too. It’s my personal indicator of a good enough workout.

Strength athletes taking huge breaks makes sense, they’re probably going to sweat less. But non-senior, non-obese dieters who are in the gym and somehow not training hard enough to break a sweat?? Not good enough!

Everything else in your post is fair though. Some of us just like the mental part of the sweat. You might laugh but if I wet my hair before training I’m finding that I get going quicker. Ha!


Yeah, of course sweating can be a good indicator of how hard you’re exerting yourself during training, but my point is that if you do the same workout with carnitine (and don’t really sweat), or the same workout with LeanGBB (and sweat a lot), you didn’t actually work harder, or even burn more fat, with the LeanGBB sweating more, just as doing cardio in a sweatsuit won’t burn more fat than doing it in a tank top and shorts.

And lets not forget that some people sweat a lot easier than others. Some people sweat buckets just warming up, while others may barely sweat during their last set of 20 rep squats. My point is that while sweating may be a good indicator of exertion, it’s not sufficient, and often is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If I know I have a workout planned with 60 seconds rest between sets, and I’m pushing each set to, or at least close to, failure at ~6-12 reps, I know that I’m working hard enough, sweating or no sweating. Maybe the gym is cold that day and I don’t sweat; that doesn’t mean I had a bad workout. Or maybe the AC is broken and I sweat a ton; that doesn’t mean I had a better workout than normal.

Anyway, to each his own, and I understand that some people enjoy sweating and it can motivate them. My main point was just from an actual fat burning perspective, there’s no reason to assume that LeanGBB is superior to l-carnitine, and that lots of people confuse thermogenesis with sweating, but that’s not realilty.