Opinions on DMHA(with poll)

Opinions on DMHA(with poll)


What is you opinion on DMHA? Share your thought and experiences.

  • I love it
  • I like it
  • I don’t mind either way
  • I dislike it
  • I hate it
  • I can’t handle it
  • Never tried it

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I had it twice in DVST8 crimson it had a very powerful eurphoia but made me horrendously ill, I’m not really sure why but safe to say I don’t handle PEAs or DMHA well.


Love it, that’s why I’ve got a bunch of old formula Total War and Kraken lying around. Also have something from Chaotic Labz with 200mg DMHA that I haven’t tried.

Now, that was the 2Amino6 version that you tried with DVST8. Have you tried 2Amino5/J. Regia yet?


Always make me feel “flu-ish” on the crash 1.5-2hrs after I take it.


Agreed on that part, the crash from regular DMHA is pretty bad. I almost always fall asleep for an hour or more a little after finishing my lift. Surprisingly, not with Arez Titanium though. But, now that school’s out, not really worried about the crash, I’ve got all day to sleep, eat, and lift