On supplements to take with food

So with some supplements its better to take it with food, this is for a few possible reasons.

They are better absorbed with fats
Some supplements like fish oil, most forms of choline, and several vitamins are fat soluble and are absorbed better with fats. In this case take about 3 grams of fat with what ever you are taking. Turns out you don’t need much(this itself is on the higher end). Of course you can take more to maximize the benefits.

They are better absorbed with insulin
For supplements intended to go to the muscle, IE carnitine and creatine in-taking carb allows the body to take these to the areas they need to go much more efficiently.
This does vary with the compound, creatine is good at what it does already, but carnitine is pretty bad if you don’t do this.
Glucose disposal agents will help this process as well as they usually work by increasing the body’s ability to release/use insulin.

Supplements that upset the stomach
Self explanatory some compound upset the stomach so you should take them with food.
Fat-burners should preferably not require this as food gets in the way of certain ingredients and some people like to work out fasted.

Supplements that you shouldn’t take with food
This is a bit rarer but insulin can prevent some supplements from working as intended, ARA being an example(getting stored as fat instead of going to the muscle) or yohimbe(due to its actions being partly blocked by insulin).

Other then that some ingredients use the same transporter and shouldn’t be taken together(a possible concern for Beta alanine and taurine).