Olympus Labs Test1fy: Revolutionary Testosterone Booster

Note: This post has been updated to reflect the changes in the updated version of Test1fy, formerly known as Test1fy Pro. It’s now in capsule form and has had a bit of the powder removed. Testosterone boosters are one of the most confusing and over-hyped product categories on the market. …
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Where and when you buy this stuff ?

I've used the powder form, and, man, that was incredible. I felt like a teenager in terms of sex drive. Maybe even more.

Seems like it was such awesome stuff... but how did you handle the taste? Everyone's saying it was just unbearable to use for a month straight

Yeah, the taste was horrid! Definitely wouldn't sell much. And it is quite impossible to disguise it, even with a chocolate protein shake or many other things I tried. What I finally did was mix it with just a bit o water and swallow it at once, and then eat a very sweet candy imediattely. With this "technique" I was able to use it for 2 months!

Any update guys?