Olympus Labs | Superior Protein Flavor Review (5 CEREAL FLAVORS)

Olympus Labs | Superior Protein Flavor Review (5 CEREAL FLAVORS)



Tried the Mocha and Gigerbread, both overrated af. Mocha was not bad , but these are not better than Sparta tastewise


Have to agree. Tried mocha, gingerbread and toucan and they were ok but very underwhelming for the hype. Not something I really look forward to drinking.


Three months later…lol

Always appreciate feedback boys! They do help us although both Fitness informant and stack3d also put these at the top of the industry in taste


Beeeeefffff! I like the protein. Picked up a New Years stack. Really enjoying the path Olympus is going down. I understand where the guys are coming from, in regards to taste of protein, but I’m still really enjoying it. Have a tub of the gingerbread


Glad to hear it man!

Across the board you’ll see similar improvements to everything, you know what to expect with me on the team :wink: these flavors we’ve been testing for our line honestly have been blowing my mind and I’ve testing ALOT of flavors.

Well have a new product launching in the next thirty days with a new ingredient coming to market. We’re also announcing a few other big news releases coming! It’s been a big month for us in terms of planning


I hope you’re right and not a yes man, cause it seems like they got a lot of those over there. Can find plenty of videos on how reign flavoring was amazing and it’s one of the worst tasting pre


OL is good not great
It’s hard to justify the cost for the flavoring IMO
When other companies do similar flavors which taste as good if not better and for a less price .

Granted everyone has their own preference but That’s my 2 cents

I love OL mocha but not many companies do
It and that’s why I put it so high. I am
A huge coffee head


Not everyone likes the same flavors guys, but I’m used to coming into companies with a good base in formulations but are working up with flavors.

I’m not too concerned about reign flavors as it’s being phased out and the new I am supreme flavors are being brought in. We’re using by far the most advanced flavor house in this industry that I know you guys enjoy the other products coming out of!

And y’all should know by now I’m not a yes man :slight_smile: I call it how I see it.


On good not great I hope you mean flavor :slight_smile:


Correct. This thread is about your whey protein. That is what I was addressing. Again there are other companies that make similar flavors (Blueberry, Cereal, PB Cups) that I would put ahead of OL

Mocha I wish more companies did…
Gingerbead to me was middle of the road… unique sure… but it needed more depth and density to stick out IMO


I am VERY excited to see what’s coming! I’m also happy to see you back on here!


Oh boy, the newer iterations of RE1GN were better than the first batches, but weren’t the best. I Am Suprem3 is way better on flavoring in my opinion. Tried it for the first time in the Black Cherry flavor (tastes pretty good)


Same. I’ll have to try that flavor at some point


Gotta be more specific than “OL is good not great” then :slight_smile:
Thankfully, the price is not just based on superior flavor but also being an effective protein blend with industry leading unique ingredients added for muscle growth

Once we have the new flavors and products produced I’ll make sure to have them on here for reviews and I’m sure Bob will get a pack to do a video on!


Thanks man! I’m always behind the scenes but it’s hard to keep up with small talk while building a brand. I hit the ground running once coming on with Olympus! Soon we’ll be back up on here with a team and the support that you guys know Beef brings :slight_smile:


This is a thread based on Superior Protein, what else would I be talking about!? I have reviewed and used every flavor and I am just being honest with my feedback.

The additions in the muscle building version are going to make maybe a .01% change in overall results for those who continually meet proper protein intake in a 24 hour period.

How much more LBM can one really get from say using X protein to OL Protein would be a good study to see when all factors are consistent across the board. I get the innovation behind the company and that is where OL Does excel, but for the gym goers who monitor their diet, continually meet protein intake the changes from using different blends or protein powders would make a subtle difference in the grand scheme of things. And again this is just my opinion.


PharmaGaba and Velositol definitely showed more than .01% change in clinical studies brother!

But absolutely we all know that these things are only significant if people are consistent in diet and training and recovery.


That’s my exact take on OL, hope you can close the loop. Looking forward to seeing what shakes out.


You know it man!

I’ll make sure you guys in this thread get samples