Olympus Labs Superior Protein Delivers Huge on the "Extras"!

Olympus Labs Superior Protein Delivers Huge on the "Extras"!


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Olympus Labs has always been the brand of Demigods that is unafraid to test new natural ingredients to give their users an edge in the gym. They’ve had a run of fantastic pre workouts, fat burners, testosterone optimizers, natural anabolics, amino acids, and more. But all of those muscle-builders and… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Velositol still looks massively over hyped, if they give us a study on humans with 25 grams of protein, comparing it to say 2 grams of dextrose then I might be interesting

Until then it just looks like 2 grams of carbs and a milligram of chromium.
The GABA research is a bit weak but I like the digestive enzymes.

It looks like a good standard protein but nothing next gen or anything like that.


Skype interview soon coming with Todd Spear from Nutrition 21. Their next study is actually going to be an overall effects study looking for results themselves. Tough to control diet and training but I do like how much money they put into research.

I’m all for any kind of GDA addition to a protein.

This is definitely the “Olympus Labs” way of doing a protein. Two different versions, bonus ingredients on the ‘newer’ edge of things, and something over the top (in this case, them Fruity Pebbles in my Froot Loops!)


They should study 20 grams of Protein + ingredient Vs. 20 grams of protein.


Curious, Why do you like digestive enzymes? For example Unless the mixture sits for 20-30 minutes, the protease enzyme will not break down the protein.


But won’t it help in the digestive system?

I think amylase may help keep blood sugar slightly lower (especially for those who don’t produce enough or don’t chew their food enough) and I’m interested in the post-workout protease recovery research too, just because that’s different and unexpected.

The reason I like lactase requires no explanation :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Amalase-inhibitors are often prescribed to diabetics to lower blood sugar. Seems like adding that enzyme would digest things quicker and therefore slightly higher blood sugar- with a caveat that for most people they’d digest it anyway, and enzymes just help it move on schedule


Interesting. Here’s the chart I’ve seen:

People with high amylase have lower blood sugar responses after starch ingestion:

Not a big difference after glucose ingestion though