Olympus Labs OR1GIN: Anabolic FUEL-Based Gains

Olympus Labs OR1GIN: Anabolic FUEL-Based Gains


Olympus Labs OR1GIN is a natural anabolic, meaning it does not impact on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA), glands in the human body that affect the production of testosterone. Olympus Labs is known around the industry as one of the best innovators in sports nutrition. In the past two …
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The reps are touting the robuvit targeting ribosomal activity as being more effective at increasing protein synthesis than the appetite increase portion of the formula. Obviously, none of us has tried it to determine if that's accurate, but I'm definitely hoping that is the case. Definitely an interesting formula.


Thanks for the comment! CJ is back into hypertrophy mode (after a hiatus doing some CrossFit kinda stuff), so we *WILL* be reviewing this on YouTube.

Until then, we focused on the appetite because we're nearly 100% sure that's gonna work, given what we've seen out of gentian root in the past. So definitely stay tuned, the tone of this article may indeed change a bit if that review goes well. We'll need a couple months though, the product isn't even in stock yet.


Looking forward to seeing that review... Though I plan on picking some up during the sale, so I'll probably be running it at the same time :)


As an FYI, we're working on a Forum, would be awesome to have a good log thread... but not sure if that'll happen soon enough! You might have to log it elsewhere!


I may end up doing that