Olympus Labs Massacr3 Brings Innovation and a Laxogenin Mega-Dose

Olympus Labs Massacr3 Brings Innovation and a Laxogenin Mega-Dose


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Next up in a series of Olympus Labs updates is Massacr3, a supplement that works to promote natural muscle-building through a natural three-ingredient formulation in true DemiGod fashion. This supplement actually came out a year ago – November 2017 – but we’re finally catching up to it now. Will it… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Did separate 3 month runs of both Massacre and Epilogue. To this date, I have received little to no effect from any sort of Laxogenin product…maybe some joint relief but I’m stretching it. With Epilogue and another popular Epi product, I have surprisingly seen a few pounds weight gain and some strength gains. Anyone else tried both?


OL’s newer formulas have been fairly impressive, especially considering you can get this for under 30$.

I would say they currently have by far the best laxogenin and epicatchen products on the market. I am still unsure laxogenin is worth using unless you are taking allot of other stuff, but their epi product looks like something I may try at some point


Agreed, Epilogue was worth it IMO.