Olympus Labs BloodShr3d: Finally a REAL Fat Burning Drink!

Olympus Labs BloodShr3d: Finally a REAL Fat Burning Drink!


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October 2018 Update: An newer (and more potent) version, BloodShr3d Black Magic has been released, and the original version of BloodShr3d discussed here will be getting a revamp as well. Stay tuned and sign up for Olympus Labs alerts below! BloodShr3d from Olympus Labs is the brands answer to those… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Can i get a update on this Product CJ/Mike? Been having problems swallowing pills for a while so im Thinking of using this, Redcon1 Double Tap(has DMHA) or PlatinumLabs OptiBurn..Any Advice one which i should look at since powdered formulations havent been updated? I usually go with PES but they formulated .... Thanks


A full serving of Bloodshred RAW was basically a panic attack for me. I was a mess. In the ideal world, you do 1/2 scoop Bloodshred RAW and 1/2 scoop Bloodshred WAR, but then you'd have to buy two tubs.

So if you can handle Rawolscine like a champ, this stuff is potent as hell. But if not, WAR (or a combo) is better.

Haven't run FULL tubs to really know what's better vs. Double Tap though


Update - been taking this (raw) for a week now (3 scoops/day) it does make you feel good and suppress some appetite but it def does not make me jittery nor can i feel a thermo effect on my body that'll make me sweat like a pig which supps like lipodrene, OEPro or orginal PES did. which is probably not a bad thing but i enjoy feeling the burn. Also added 1.5 scoops of unflavored CLA which is a missing ingredient in this.