Nutrabolics Supernova – High Powered Pre Workout

Nutrabolics Supernova – High Powered Pre Workout


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away pre workouts were little more than caffeine and some frivolous amino acids like arginine which really didn’t do a ton for nitric oxide production. In the present day, pre workouts have skyrocketed both in terms of science, diversity, and popularity. …
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Wow, now that looks promising! I never got the chance to try dendrobium though. In terms of focus, should I expect something in the like of BMPEA? (or any similar substance)


Dendrobium has literally ZERO PEA in it. That was all total absurd nonsense from Driven Sports that so many of us totally fell for.

ANS Ritual has had dendrobium for a while, as has MAN Game Day. It feels good, some really love the mood enhancement. Others feel not as much. Overall, at this point we think it's underrated just because it got thrown under the bus so hard.


I just picked up a tub of this today but have not tried it yet. The label instructions actually state that you can dose this up to two scoops so unless you're stim sensitive there would be no reason to add bulk BA. There's a very thorough review of this preworkout over at Stack3d. They max dosed it and state that the stim hit isn't all that hard for 400mg of Caffiene. The 2:1 ratio of Caffiene to Theanine is undoubtedly the reason for that. I'd recommend giving it a read.


Please let us know your thoughts on the product once you've tried it. That's always good to hear.