Nutrabio's 58 gram preworkout theorizing thread

Nutrabio's 58 gram preworkout theorizing thread


So for the people who missed it nutrabio is going to release a 58 gram preworkout. This was briefly talked about in the new supplement thread.

Now as a starting point the current pre extreme is about 43 grams of actives, 15 of which is cluster dextrin

So as a starting point I asked him this.

Given his response here

We can assume it contains a significant amount, I myself am going to bet 20-25 grams of carbs, which lines up with their previous carb supplements and would be a step up from the 15 grams in the current preworkout. while still leaving room for more additions.

Other things we know is that it will not have exotic stims due to their design philosophy. I think there will be a bit of a bump but not a massive one, I figure a 10-25% chance of the caffeine being increase, but only a 5% of it going over 400 mg

My guesses
Increase of carbs from 15 to 25
Increasing agmatine to 2 grams
Increasing nitrosigine to 1.5
Adding ingredients from fighter fuel ATP supplement or extreme nitric stack
5 grams D ribose is a likely candidate
1200 mg of L-aspratic acid and L alanine
Increasing creatine magna power
Adding arginine or orthinine akg from the nitric stack
Possibly acetyl L carnitine


I am loving this idea. Maybe I can see if we can set up a package for whoever guesses the closest formula…Obviously that would take a while since this product isn’t set yet.

This will be very interesting to see where you think NutraBio’s heads are at, and what we think a “pre-workout without money as an obstacle” would be!


There will be no excuse for people saying “I didn’t feel anything” from taking this dose :joy:

But lets see what you all think, post those ideas of what’s in it!!!


Their pre extreme with an exta 10g HBCD and 10g EAA.

Maybe a gram or two more of Betaine and a couple more items like dynamine or Theacrine


And you know we love EAAs, look at Intra!


I am betting against any ingredient that would overlap with a different product category being added.

The main question I have is how much they stand behind some of the products I mentioned(nitric stack) and if they are adding any new to nutrabio ingredients…


So you hypothesize that (for instance, hypothetically) If we already have a full blend of efficacious pump doses, we wouldn’t add more?


No, I’m thinking you wouldn’t add EAAs to it as reload and intrablast already cover them

My current bet is 5 grams D-Ribose, some version of orthinine or arginine, and an increase in creatine magna power given their use in previous products.


So still keeping it in line with the system, makes sense.

Gotta be careful with what I say here! But we’re really enjoying seeing what everyone thinks.


I am thinking opposite. My thoughts are that if you’re going the route of a massively dosed pwo, you are not looking at consuming an intra let alone one as heavy as Intra Blast hence the carbs and aminos.


What about this…

“probably 25 g of golddust and and a few micronized jolly rancher hard candies for this amount just for flavor.” :laughing:


Well this interesting…


I agree…I mean what is with all the flat bill hats? The Dad hat is definitely the way to go…Oh wait…


I’m a flex fit/baseball hat kinda dude. @Kon_Rock and I have been asking for them for a while!

coming soon :wink:


These are gonna be awesome.

It should be a requirement when taking dose of Pre-Pump X that you wearing Nutrabio Apparel :slight_smile:


Love it thank you. A nearly 50 year old man in a flat bill hat? Not a good look…


Haha…we got you covered :sunglasses:


Hmmmmm…that Pre-Pump X though. Will I turn into the juggernaut after consuming this? Alongside proper diet and training, of course…


Ok definitely hyped to try this at some point, I love heavy pump products.


Well, I mean it would be something along those lines…could be something crazier :wink:

And you’re correct, with proper edit and training always…:slight_smile: