NutraBio Dragonfruit Review

NutraBio Dragonfruit Review


Good old Nutrabio being the hookup as usual. Only complaint here is that we got sample packs, not tubs. In all seriousness, thanks @Kon_Rock for sending these out, let’s talk about this one.

Here they are, sadly, I only have one clear shaker cup, but the one in the clear one is the Intra. As you can see, just a tad bit of settling there on the bottom in 14oz of water, same amount for the Pre.

As for effects, I’ve commented on how much I love Pre many times. My absolute favorite all-around preworkout. More importantly, let’s talk about the new flavor they’ve got.

Dragonfruit candy for a new flavor was certainly unique, and can’t say I’d have expected that. But, they did a fantastic job making it a denser flavor than an actual dragonfruit (hence the candy part) while still maintaining a light profile that doesn’t sit heavily in the stomach. For the Pre, I generally chug mine so flavors don’t matter much, but I sipped this for the sake of the review. I had a bit of a sour taste at first sip with some mouth feel that I can’t quite describe with both the Pre and Intra, but it seemed to be sweeter as I continued drinking it. Maybe with it settling and me not shaking it enough, who knows. For the Pre, I would say this is tied for second favorite. It’s a bit hard to tell with only one trial, but it definitely competes with blue raspberry, but will come up short of raspberry lemonade, which is just my personal preference for lemonade flavors.

For IntraBlast, I felt the flavor was slightly better than the Pre. I had my intra chilled, which I HIGHLY recommend with this flavor. It adds a lot to the overall profile. This may be why, but I believe PP said Intra was better than Pre for this flavor. Might have been temperature, but I agree with them here. This will take the cake for favorite IntraBlast flavor. I feel like I say that with nearly every new flavor you guys come out with, but it’s true, always improving. Easily top 3 intra products for profile and flavor.

Great work as always! Keep up the good work NB


Love it man!!!

You are exactly right, super unique and delicious!!!

Its interesting how the same flavor is a tad different with the 2 products. But really glad you enjoyed them and now have a new favorite :slight_smile:

Thanks for this buddy!!!


I want to try this flavor when I get back in the gym from this darn surgery…


Its super good man, you will love it!!!

Thoughts and prayers with you buddy for speedy recovery!!!


Thanks. I want to get the pre workout in this flavor.


Hope you’re recovery is speedier than you hope!


I am doing very well. Thanks for the kind words. Just saw my surgeon yesterday for a follow-up. I am ahead of the game. He loves the range of motion I have already. 3 weeks of therapy now to focus on motion and range, after that, I can focus on the strength. It’s taking time but coming along good.


Hello yeah man. That’s what’s up


I got a try of this. It was smooth man. I could really see myself sipping that flavor regularly. Good stuff. I can only wait to taste it on ice.


Yeah, definitely recommend chilling it. I don’t normally prefer my Intra, like EAA Max, chilled, but this one definitely benefits from it