Nutra Bio Pre Review Cherry Limeade

I recently received the beta tub of Nutra Bio Pre in the new Cherry Limeade flavor. @Kon_Rock Thank you for the early preview

A bit about me- I enjoy a good stim rush 5 days a week, and feel like I’ve tried everything on the market. I also cycle through a lot of pump products, even though I’m only lifting for maintenance.

Flavor- 10/10- they nailed this one. Smell is all cherry. Smells great. Aftertaste brings in the limeade portion. Could also be labeled as lemonade and I wouldn’t notice. Need a full pint glass of water to mix this one, but that’s fine, it’s a mega scoop size.

Energy- 9/10- I think this is just the right amount of energy. There’s no controversial stims here. No Y or DMHA/DMAA. It still wakes me right up and gets me in the zone. Also, that in theory makes it more stackable with other ingredients in your closet.

Mood- 10/10- Nutra Bio pre always shines here. From an hour after I take it, until early afternoon, I feel phenomenal. Nothing on the profile suggests it would be so great, must be either the theanine or simply lack of impurities in the ingredients.

Pump- 9/10- citrulline and nitrosogine do the heavy lifting. Not quite as skin-tearing as potassium nitrate is for me. Long lasting, though. I notice the effects all day and into the night

In summary- this is a great pre. And also, it leaves me with a great feeling after the workout compared to the usual problem of a crash or the jittery anxious yohinbine overload feeling. Highly recommend to anyone, and honestly, those with low stim tolerance will still get a great workout from half a scoop

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Great review man, and really glad you enjoyed the new flavor. Check out the Nutrabio EAA Energy in Cherry Limeade to drink all day :slight_smile:

This is the best cherry limeade flavor I have ever had.
Good to see you had a great experience with PRE, big scoop full of active ingredients!!

Thank you man!!

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Great review man. Thanks for your feedback and support