NTel Pharma Lipo-H4ck: Hack Your Way to Fat-Loss

NTel Pharma Lipo-H4ck: Hack Your Way to Fat-Loss


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NTel Nutra has released the successor to their high powered, feel good fat burner Clenadrol X in Lipo-H4ck NTel Pharma (also known as NTel Nutra) threw down the pre workout gauntlet to start 2018 by releasing their supreme version of AREZ (compared to Arez Black and Arez White). We detailed… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Is there even a point to the 0.2 mg of Alpha Y? I thought 1-1.5 was as low as a product would actually go.


Very minor but it could help, The thing I’m really wondering about is the 5 mg grains of paradise in their new preworkout.


It’ll still have an effect just very minor. Avoids a lot of side effects some people can get from larger doses. It’s how some companies ride a fine line between having some benefit but still allow a large portion of customers to use it.


Still a small dose! I noticed ignit3 has a whopping 240 mg grains of paradise. Not feeling such minor doses in these other products now.