Nitrocut Attempts to Censor Negative Ingredient Analysis on is heralded as the place to go for high quality, in-depth, brutally honest supplement reviews. While nearly all of the reviews and analyses on the site is provided by the users, the “SR” staff often gets into the mix – especially when they see something extremely offensive or dishonest. …
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Nitrocut Attempts to Censor Negative Ingredient Analysis on guys are really living up to the corporate social responsibility that is a pillar or cornerstone to a successful business. If every company followed your lead our free enterprise system would reach its fair and idealistic peak our founders envisioned. That being said, here is what I recommend. Let's move in the direction of allowing the FDA to redulate the supplement industry. Yes, the prices will go up but it will root out companies like Nitrotech and you could have piece of mind knowing what's in the product is safe and accurate. Part of this deal would include allowing DMAA in products up to say 50mg. Your focus and energy should be on growing your business not self policing the industry it's not fair to you.

Even if that were the case, FDA would have nothing to do with this particular product. Supplement-wise, as long as what's on that label is in the bottle and it was indeed manufactured to FDA 21 CFR Part 111 cGMP Regulations, they'd be fine.

The bigger concerns here would be with the FTC regarding the inaccurate celebrity endorsements and other wild claims...

Honestly, if you follow all manufacturing, labeling, and communication laws, ripoffs can be 100% completely legal. This is why consumers need to educate themselves on reading the *label* and spotting a bad deal.

Mark Glazier and I have a video somewhere buried at the NutraBio headquarters about what we'd both like to see changed. I need to get him to send me that so I can publish it. I remember it being a great conversation!