New supplement thread

New supplement thread

Thank you for the kind words! SP MAX is tried and true. If given the choice, I would use the two of them together. No shill - that has been my stack many, many times.


Ghost Update:

Swedish Fish BCAA & Gamer - 1 Minute
Lemon Flavored Amino - 4 Minute
Whisky Sour Legend - 7 Minute
Ghost Burn Black - 9:45 Minute – Launch Tomorrow Thursday 3/26/2020
Ghost Clothing - 14:30 Minute

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Thankfully I have you guy’s to turn to for random questions:

What exactly is this?

@SteelerBill13 PF3 is basically a protein immunoglobulin extracted from cow serum (blood)… Think Bio-Gro but from cow’s blood.

So glad you mentioned that. I was thinking Bio-Gro…

I appreciate it.

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Yeah… It went off the supplement market because its rights were bought by a pharma company… To treat patients that can’t exactly consume a lot of protein to maintain or regain muscle mass (think cancer patients)

The full rights apparently lapsed and MAN sports was able to bring the flagship ingredient back to us.

Thank you BH. So in essence the product would assist with protein synthesis…Moving protein to the muscles with more efficiency. If I’m reading that correctly.

I thought it was the same stuff that was in an IBS prescription (EnteraGam). Because Man had mentioned years ago that they had pulled it off the market due to the maker making (don’t remember who exactly) it prescription only.


Thank you.

I could be wrong but that is what I remember hearing way back when they pulled it. I remember the threads were over on AnabolicMinds, not sure if they are still up.

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The tricky part is that the name of the ingredient changed after going prescription only. It was originally a bovine serum protein isolate, with protein synthesis theoretically being triggered like you had a normal protein shake or big EAA profile. But now it’s named an immunoglobulin, suggesting that it deals more with growth factors instead.

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Ahhh…interesting…I’m always fascinated by these things…

May not be a ‘New’ Supplement and is sure to upset a few folks that don’t like Redcon1…but I’m pretty sure I just saw that they are now offering their protein powder through GrubHub and Postmates in the local area (wherever they are located).

That is ingenious.

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I can also get beef scraps at my grocery store which does the same as in their protein

You were saying?


Doesn’t diminish the fact that it is a great idea…


Core Pro
The samples I Shared the other day here is the breakdown

ETA – April 6th

Cookies & Cream, Frosted Vanilla Cupcake, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Death By Chocolate, Fruity Cereal, and Maple Crunch Toast.

2lb - $34.99
5lb - $64.99.

The brand’s lead offer will be six 2lb tubs at $33.16 each with a free shaker

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These look amazing!.. both the flavors and the breakdown.

That’s a bold lead offer, though: “Buy all of them and we’ll toss in a shaker.” :joy:

:rofl::rofl: That’s the type of “offer” I would expect from a brand like Chemix.

If this was posted ignore me…but… just saw a blog post from Mark Glazier on from February 14th referencing a ‘new’ pre workout that he was working on…

I actually have a container of this. Haven’t opened it yet.

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