New supplement thread

New supplement thread

No word on an C&C?


Victory & Merica Classic now available direct from Merica Energy
Ill have a review up on these when I get my hands on them!

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if they can pull off a good Cream Soda, I’ll crown them best RTD


To me… Champagne from Bang tastes like a cream soda. I really have not tasetd many other energy drinks which resemble that.
I ran into Shane from Stack3d when he was drinking one at the Arnold at the Merica Labz/Core Booth, and he said it was really good. I will update you what I think when I get them

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I tried the root beer and cream soda at the Arnold. I’m not big on root beer/cream soda as it is, but they weren’t bad by any means.

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yeah, that wasn’t bad… but the Bang Root Beer, was so bad it hurt my feelings.

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Bang Root Beer does not sell well, and we both know why. Definitely not a top favorite of mine!