New supplement thread

New supplement thread

No word on an C&C?


Victory & Merica Classic now available direct from Merica Energy
Ill have a review up on these when I get my hands on them!

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if they can pull off a good Cream Soda, I’ll crown them best RTD


To me… Champagne from Bang tastes like a cream soda. I really have not tasetd many other energy drinks which resemble that.
I ran into Shane from Stack3d when he was drinking one at the Arnold at the Merica Labz/Core Booth, and he said it was really good. I will update you what I think when I get them

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I tried the root beer and cream soda at the Arnold. I’m not big on root beer/cream soda as it is, but they weren’t bad by any means.

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yeah, that wasn’t bad… but the Bang Root Beer, was so bad it hurt my feelings.

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Bang Root Beer does not sell well, and we both know why. Definitely not a top favorite of mine!


MRE Lite PB Cookie
Drops Friday

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Nutrabio drops early this week
Pre, Reload, and Intra-Blast in Grape Berry Crush


saw the PricePlow commercial for it on facebook yesterday. :grin:


Oh can’t wait to try

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Nice, love a good Grape flavor!


Love me some :grapes:

SizeOn Grape is still one of the best flavored products out there. Been saying that for roughly 8 years now


i like grape, love berry SizeOn.

and unrelated… these labels and flavor images are gorgeous imo


so what your saying is, they INSPIRE you?


Agreed. Waiting on some reviews. PP crew, you guys getting any for reviews? @Mike @Extrabeef


Peanut butter chocolate cookie sounds amazing

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New Genetidyne protein out. No chunks of candy or cookies in this one. Interesting blend of WPC-80, WPI-90, and Miscellar Caesin. Tubs in the mail and review to follow very soon!


Ghost Coconut Ice Cream Whey June 1st Launch
Ghost Amino Welch’s late June Launch


Looks good. What’s up with that terrible branding though