New supplement thread

New supplement thread


OH yes!! I saw them mention on their IG yesterday something was coming to supplement their Extreme Joint Care, I love me some Curcumin! Truly works wonders for my joints!

@Kon_Rock when is this going live?..asking for my joints!




Thanks, ordered! I threw in the dragonfruit stack of course…because god forbid I just order one thing! LOL!! My joints are excited!


best outright bar to date
buy multiple boxes


10/10 would eat.


Way to go big guy​:muscle::muscle::muscle:! Let me know how you like it and man, hit me up next you make an order I can get you a discount :shushing_face::grin::grin:


I’ll be honest I don’t get why you would combine all 3 doses of an ingredient taken several times a day into one dose.


Edit 2: never mind, it was the right post:

Then don’t use it at all. Unless he’s planning on coming out with three products that each have 500mg and are intended to be taken at different times, using a dose that is ineffective on its own seems really silly. It’s useless as is.

Plus, I’ve never even heard him argue that it wouldn’t work well as a bolus dose of 1.5g. Didn’t Cooper work on Ergonine which had 1.5g HICA? If so, I’d trust Cooper 69 over GC every day of the week and twice on Sunday.


so Chemist stated earlier today that 500mg of HICA tastes like shit and is hard to flavor.
PES has 12g of actives in Ergonine and 2g of fillers (assume flavoring) and it is one of the strongest flavored products I have ever bought.
Makes me wonder how much time/effort/work he puts into flavoring if PES Can only use 2g of fillers to heavily flavor ergonine, while he uses 7g of fillers in his intra-workout to flavor 1/3rd the amount of HICA (500mg)


So many lolz. Keto slimming cream and also a shredding cream? Oh BPI…




awww cmon guys, they are just ya know, staying relevant and competing with NB and Ghost releases in 2019!! LOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!


Speaking of new releases
Got my hands on the new Nutrabio Alpha EAA

Will be live once finished uploading


Wonder how that would taste carbonated :grin:


Hack Carbonate the world!!!



PES releasing a gainer


I’m actually pretty interested by this. I like the more well thought out gainers on the market


You could also just take some rice cakes, bread, granola, or a banana with you and a scoop of whey and make something similar for cheaper

I get the convenience thing but never understood buying a gainer.