New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Along with v3 of Christian Guzman, v2 of Maxx and re-release of Maxx’s mango legend. Get ready @Matt_Towson


Cinnamon Cereal Milk launching March 7th


Stim Free Dr. Jekyll will be ProSupps first launch of 2019

Will be fully transparent
1.6g BA
1.5g Creatine HCL
800mg NooLVL (Still yet to get info on this)
250mg Tyrosine
200mg Lions Mane
2 more other ingredients for focus/nootropics not revealed
125mg Sensoril (Ashwagandha // KSM66)
30mg GOP (Grains of Paradise)
5mg Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine)

No release date ATM
Flavor: Blueberry Lemonade


I just opened a tub of PB Cereal Milk which is still my favorite.


That PS formulation is odd


Yeah it’s kind of shitty.


I have still been looking and waiting for Creabuild by Muscletech. I cannot seem to find it for sale and curious about Cindura.


Have you tried Ghost Size by…Ghost?


Oh yes I have! I have run this twice actually and loved it every time! Definitely one of my favorites, I just like to mix it up and try new things! The flavored version vs the Neutral flavor is better for this one! Me + Epicatechin = a great time!!


ETA March
First flavor strawberry
Redcon1 joining the vegan protein market


New Bang available pre order direct
This should be out in the next 2-3 weeks


I believe that is what some refer to as a ‘mail order bride’…


Chemix intra info


That actually looks pretty good to me, but I imagine it will be overpriced.


Isn’t HICA supposed to be dosed at 1.5g? Very meh IMO.


Does GC honestly not know how to read studies? I think this is the second study where he’s dosed an ingredient like a single serving of three daily servings used in studies is the full dose to use in his products?


The Betaine should be in the pwo but ok


Stim junkies and chem nerds may appreciate today’s Google page


That man is a true hero!


New from Nutrabio