New supplement thread

New supplement thread


I’m questioning this as well…wonder if they’ve since improved their flavor?


consider it cinnamon… like some Nerd said Grenade’s was good but they have superior flavors



I feel bad for some of the supplement companies - constantly trying to come out with the ‘new flavor’. I appreciate it, and guess it is part of the program, but I’m ok with your standard ‘taste good’ flavors. No reason to get too crazy. But then again, what do I know


would we even be discussing ‘total war’ if they didn’t have a new flavor?

this group and all supplement forums BB dot com and AM are only a fraction of a percent of supplement consumers, so some kids who lift twice a week with bad ROM and do shots of fireball every Friday night will think, hey that’s cool, I’m buying the flavor, nevermind the fact there are superior products on the shelf next to it. It’s all about sales and marketing, my man.

by far my longest post.


I’m thinking you may need a recovery drink after that post.

But you are correct…


Bang’s starblast is by my side…


Now if that’s not a Stripper name I don’t know what is…


gonna nickname my next girl “Bangster”


Anyone try Black Magic Supply BZRK? Apparently it has 200mg DMHA 0_0


I’ve heard it’s VERY good. Also 200mg isn’t that big of s dose, but definitely where I would like it to stay


Has anybody tried Syntha 6 Candy Cane??


@Dougefresh93 has some IIRC


Thanks @TheSolution


I’m running it now. It’s incredible.


Extremely mild taste, not bad, just not as strong as you’d expect peppermint to be.

The red particles, add nothing to the product, they are soft in texture and virtually void of flavor.

Again, It’s not a bad flavor, but I expected more of a punch in the mouth of peppermint.


Sparta Nutrition to launch 3 flavors of protein bars


Fresh Cut Lawn
Burnt Hair
New Car


These came in last night

I tried the Cookie Butter this morning and hnnnngggg.
They knocked that flavor out of the park. I cannot wait to try the others.


Can’t wait to try Cookie Butter. That flavor intrigued me the most!


I still need to try Cookie Butter