New supplement thread

New supplement thread


More info on protein wafer via Marc’s IG Story

  • One Flavor to Start (Pilot Flavor)
  • Only 1 per order
  • Should be up Wednesday for sale.


3 new OL products in next 60 days

My Guess:

I am Supr3me
No M3rcy (Non-Stim)
Reformulated Endur3


Offensive Line products?


I’m guessing you’re right on the money.

I’m interested in seeing what they do with Endur3. Hopefully make it a more “complete” intra. I honestly liked it a lot in its current form. Training sessions always felt great while using it and there was a noticeable difference off the bat when stopping use aka running out :(.


It’s in a be a fun product. Stay tuned!


That’s why I love PP…constantly recognizing the latest and greatest supplement categories…


Hyde Power Shots
Similar to Hyde Power Potion.
only change: phenylalanine being swapped out for glucuronolactone,


They have to be trolling with this label…


We’d have to know more about the patented/trademarked ingredients before we judge too much. Maybe there’s a chance they are more potent, but I’m still not holding my breath


lol @ that profile



I hate that name, but the flavor sounds interesting.


Reminds me of the word “Dumpster” tho


Yeah, I’m questioning the name a tad bit


it’s horrible…


Is this the first flavor that is “NATURAL FLAVORS” only?

My coworker will not drink bang due to the heavy aftertaste of artificial flavors edit (sweeteners not flavors). Xyience hides everything a little better. Not really fair since there is more going on, but it is what it is.


Next Total war flavor of month
Coming soon




Grenade did this flavor a while back as well. I enjoyed it, but not sure given Recon’s track record with flavors…


I question giving a preworkout that taste that bad so many flavors.