New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Lobliner is killing it lately. Someone calm this man down!

I have 1 of each Outright bar to try… Really excited to. Perhaps this weekend. :smiley:


He’s mentioned Pancakes on his Twitter account…


Bought some during BF, waiting on them to come in.


He has a couple things going on with the Outright brand


Yeah these might be the wafers he mentioned yesterday in his IG story. Really cool to see this stuff!


Also a video of him eating one on his Instagram


dark chocolate almond outright bar
Pancake mix
Peanut butter spreads
Protein wafers not the horrible garbage perfomix put out

He has plenty more coming


Dark chocolate almond? I’m in


That is a fact sir!
I will be purchasing as well, and of course another YT Video


Those performix wafers were so bad, tasted like they were filled with wet sand


Their OG Cookies were the worst things ever
They were recalled in what 2 weeks? Absolutely disgusting.

In other news

We have a lawsuit on our hands:

ThermoLife files lawsuits against A1 Supplements and


With Kramer we will always have lawsuits

This one is more fun.


Ooooooh boy. Had a feeling it was the wafers in the tease before. They look incredible in images alone and check that protein and calorie count!


I wonder what ingredients they are talking about


There’s quite a few. They hold a LOT of products that contain non-compliant ingredients or illegal (I haven’t checked yet, but I believe certain prohormones/SARMS)


Not to mention DMAA, and Noopept, which they will most likely throw in there


Regular Mega Pre will. No energy with that stuff. Not good for 3rd shift workers.


Both are fantastic products, and both have their place and time.
I personally would do 1 scoop of each. 2 scoops of black is for the junkies, 1 gives fantastic energy and focus. Add in a well dosed non-stim like Mega Pre or a Vaso Blitz is a great stack.


I really liked MegaPre White - and agree with you.

When I use MegaPre Black I use 1.5 scoops at the most. A scoop of each is interesting.


1 scoop of each = clinical betaine and citrulline dose
Also get 2g of choline, 100mg Huperzine A, 150mg elevATP, 300mg L-Norvaline

Still very well rounded with less stims.