New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Speaking of shitting on RC1, their new joint supplement looks kinda ass. Helios remains king of the “kitchen sink” joint support imo. Huge amount of curcumin, plus cissus.


MAN does a true Sour Patch flavor and they do it well.


True that! I’ve been a fan of their flavoring for a while now


I’m going by Man Sports HQ next week and get to try this. : )


If these are somewhat competitively priced they’ll be a hit.


I did not like the flavoring of Brain Bridge, their ISO Amino is flavored much better.


Looks like Tom dick and Harry all have an “energy” drink :grinning:


True, but a good nootropic carbonated rtd hasn’t been done


how dare companies enter a huge (still growing) industry?

i personally love’em and look forward to even more.


OL’s gingerbread also starts at $10 more for less servings. I’ll stick to being a cheapskate lol.


Valid point, sometimes you get what you pay for as far as formula and flavoring go.
Another prime example --> Ghost, may be a little more expensive, but Dan does a fantastic job at flavoring his products.


Hmm…curious if it will advertised as a nootropic versus an energy drink. I have never used the actual product but will still try the rtd like I do most.


This. I’m curious to see what the profile they keep/use is, and what the pricepoint is. Could be pretty promising, and a nice change of pace.


Random question but would you recommend Ghost Snickerdoodle? Never got around to trying it last year.


here you go.
Dan increased the cinnamon this year in the SnickerDoodle flavor. Remember this is an “All-Natural” flavored product, so this wont be as sweet as some of the others out there. Hence why the density of the flavor shines.

Still to date my favorite cinnamon on the market is Sparta Cinna Crunch tastes like legit Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk.


The man has a YouTube video for all of your questions…

Spends a lot of time in his kitchen though…I’m wondering if he has a weight bench in there as well


Only for making 50 pounds of caramel corn and 2,000 chocolate covered pretzels.
I did a collaboration with a lady in Minnesota who bought both off me for her cupcake shop (SmallCakes)

came out pretty good

I just sent some of both to Matt and some extra baked goods for the holiday season


Matt is very excited to get the care package from @TheSolution


Yikes, Vibes is easily the worst Power Potion flavor, some of y’all got some wack tastebuds.


I think Vibes is pretty good