New supplement thread

New supplement thread


“20 servings, 8 hour pump”

But it’s 10 servings for that (potential) 8 hour pump (from what I see at a quick glance).

Even with that said, I’d test drive it.


Bingo, you need to double scoop it to get the clinical dose. Which leave the product to 10 servings.
If its $30-$40. I highly doubt people will want to pay for it unless they are MT Sluts.


This one seems a bit strange, total war is not a preworkout I think of a great tasting, or good tasting, or really even drinkable…
Black pepper and gummy worms should never mix.

Did they ever sort the flavoring out?



Could not agree more about Redcon1, for how large the company is their flavoring is lackluster.
But hey bro… Everyone is after those hoofs of beef and salmon

Nom Nom Nom


Sooo… Bought my first ever tub of protein from Optimum because I was in the Christmas spirit and have been dying to try a gingerbread flavored protein. I saw an ad in my IG highlighting this as their seasonal flavor.

In summary, ON’s protein mixes amazing and has a great texture at 8oz unsweetened almond milk and 6oz of 2% milk. Texture can be a big factor for me and this is an easy pass.

In summary, the gingerbread is dead on gingerbread cookie. It seriously tastes like the cookie with the perfect combo of spices. If anyone else is in the holiday spirit and loves a gingerbread cookie, 100% buy. I’ll be watching for BF deals to stock up. Trying it in oats tomorrow.


OL’s Gingerbead >> ON by a long shot
If you liked ON that much OL will blow you away.


I saw this flavor at VS the other day. Sounded pretty good. I’m a sucker for Gungerbread but I won’t pay $50-$60 for a 2lb, which is what I believe OL protein retails for? @TheSolution correct me if I’m wrong good sir


Depends on location for the pricing of your products. But that would not shock me. I don’t step foot into a VS because ours is very small here in Erie and on the busiest road.


We have multiple in town so fortunately they aren’t hard to access but I think a tub is only $30 here


my VS, Target, and GNC are all the size of a chipolte. never have anything in stock and super small. So I am no help here.


A Target the size of Chipotle? hahaha


Yup, I have to have them request limited edition ice creams, snacks, and oreo’s because they are so small they would never order them. Srs


Speaking of Erie, PA

You watch Evil Genuis on Netflix?


Have not. I barley get time to watch Netflix with my work schedule.
Is that a show that originated in Erie (I assume?)


Yup, doc on that dude who had the neck bomb on when he robbed a bank


Ahhh yes. The pizza bomber on peach street. I was driving up the road when he did that.
Crazy dude.


Still adamant that rock candy total war is the worst tasting supplement I’ve ever had.



Now THATS an exciting RTD


I would definitely buy these