New supplement thread

New supplement thread


I regret checking this thread…


Have you gone soft on us??


That’s pretty weird, he’s usually pretty hard headed…


Hard to believe that’s all you guys came up with


Alright alright…let’s keep the new supplement thread clean. We can move the puns to a new thread. : )


Ok dad…only typing this next part so it stops telling me “my body isn’t clear”


Sure it’s prop blends and we can’t know that we’re getting good dosages of the important things, but there’s absolutely room in the blends to be doing so, and I rather like this formula.


I’m going to leave this right here.

Promo code “Radiate+” gets you a jar for $27.99 per unit + S&H on our site.


Loving the added transparency.


There is room, which is what makes it so strange. I can at least somewhat understand keeping the lower stimulant based blend proprietary if they want to claim they found some perfect ratio or balance of energy and focus without going over the top, but the top blend? With almost all very well studied ingredients that we know exactly how much to use? That one is a little more questionable as to why it’s hidden IMO.


It’s 11g of cit-malate and a combined 250mg of the rest!!!


Lol. Im fairly sure there’s not more than ~3g BA. I’d also assume there’s not less than ~1.5g BA either, because why do that.


Just got confirmation
Midnight Cherry will be in stock tomorrow and on sale for BF

So your wish is coming true :slight_smile:


New preworkout by muscle tech

New ingredient that just seems to be nitrates from spinach, its 20 servings and seems to be made to be double scooped, this looks like this is aimed at the “I am bleeding money and just walked into GNC” crowd. Might be pretty good at 50 cents a serving though.


Popeye will love it


The sailor or the canadian supplement store?


Ok, apparently the Canada one is reference the cartoon Popeye, and he is their mascot.


10 servings if you double dose to get clinical doses of that new ingredient they trademarked. If its over $1.50/2 a serving easier to go buy something like Re1gn, Psycho, C4 Ultimate, and countless other pre-workouts.



The RTD thing is fascinating to me…and needed