New supplement thread

New supplement thread



No trap
He has it on the way and he has his order # in hand.
That is how I roll, and why I give out so many free products and buy products for my customers. Favor for a favor that is how I do business. I appreciate anyone who supports me.


If you ever need a lawyer in Texas - hit me up.

: )


Have to say Bob is a helluva guy to do business with…

And let’s face it he saves me from hearing about how flavors hit his tongue @Matt_Towson

Not that there is anything wrong with it


You guys make things way more perverted than they need to be…


Bill forgets the “no homo” tag quite often.
Which makes me wonder…



Running it right now, the Kandy Kryptonite flavor. Very good product, even at 3/4 of a scoop. Smooth and long lasting energy and focus, dense pumps and no crash (taken on an empty stomach for my use).

Not sure if your tub will be the same but a level scoop for me comes in light at around 14-15 grams vs. the serving of almost 18g.


Dully noted. I will weigh the scoop!




PS - Tried to post this but “My body was unclear” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Hard-AF :rofl:


The 1.01g blend starts off with maca powder (not an extract)? Not a good first impression IMO.


Homie…you’re judging an erection pill…don’t think about it too hard…get it? Get it??? Oh…bad joke, yeahhhhh


I’m finding it “hard” to follow your train of thought…


But…it’s pretty “straight forward”




I suppose you can say I’m being anal.


No no, you’re just “standing tall” on your views


Could “standing tall” be replaced with erect??


Sure, why not? You’d have to be a real “Stiff” to not be flexible with the dic-tionary