New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Hoping your discussions also involve how to familiarize the new generation with your brand. Right now you guys are the over 40 brand


We love our senior citizen demographic. Prune juice flavored products up next


Lol that would be an awesome April fools product post. Prune juice pre and tapioca flavored protein


There’s nothing wrong with this, but if you wanna chase Gen-X, then you need to chase weight loss and mental wellness a bit more than muscle/fitness, which is best targeted towards young guns (now Millennial or younger).

This is why I really enjoy talking about fat burner stuff and leaner protein powders on the channel more if possible. I know who I am!!


I appreciate the over 40 focus…Us old school guy’s paved the way after all…


@Msseffect @Mike

But in all seriousness, we get what you’re saying and that’s a valid insight. Stay tuned for some future releases - everyone knows we (especially @Dougefresh93 :grin:) are people pleasers


Fuck off…


Seriously shocked but good luck to Ben


I like the new DVST8 formula, white reserve looks barely changed from that. I got samples on the way, too, they’re free today from their website.


Hey thanks for that!


Thanks for the link for the free samples.
I grabbed some to try.


Funny story…I have samples from them. And typically when I travel I’ll use samples when I train (easier to carry etc…)…

But admittedly have yet to try it out…


Not new per say
anyone try Alpha Lion’s Pre-workout?

they are sending me the flavor above. Profile don’t look too bad.


New Performax HyperMax on the way per Stack3d with a larger serving size! 18g serving compared to the current 16g serving. Wonder what they’re throwing in it.


@SteelerBill13 You have a case of Orange Slice on the way



Snap! For free!!?


On the house… Just like I stated earlier in the thread.


Santa Baby…I’ll save you my singing the song.


Come to Chef Bob’s I will make you a dozen cookies too!


Should of said it pays to shop with Bob