New supplement thread

New supplement thread


A 'lil something for everybody


So…best flavor on the C4 Carbonated? Asking for a friend. Bombsicle? Orange?

Should we consult with @Matt_Towson tongue? Wait, forget I wrote that.



My top 3/4

You can watch that in my YT Video too (i rank them at the end)

2:10 mark


You are Mr. YouTube…I’ll watch shortly.


Take in mind this is just my opinion and they all honestly taste great

Orange Slice
Twisted Limeade
Midnight Cherry

Those are my top 3


Orange Slice is running away with it…TY BR…

Where’s @TheSolution when you need him for an order


You do have my email address …Just Sayin’


Matt’s Rankings (for what they are worth):

  1. Orange Slice
  2. Tropical Punch
  3. Grape
  4. Bombsicle
  5. Strawberry Watermelon
  6. Midnight Cherry
  7. Twisted Limeade

I would never buy Limeade or Cherry again. Midnight Cherry is good, I just enjoy the other flavors more. Sliced Orange is in my top 3 favorite energy drinks of all time.


It’d better have the word FUSION in it!!!


I absolutely love cherry flavored things. Might have to get a case of these at some point.


Huh. Not really “supplements,” but @Extrabeef is with OL now. I assume it was a beneficial move for you, so congrats!


I saw that! It’s pretty crazy but I’m pretty excited about it as well!


Who has tried this pre?

I have a couple samples coming in the mail. Anyone have feedback? I never tried the brand before.


I have. At 2 scoops, the “exotic” feeling is overwhelming for me and fairly unpleasant, but if you cut it–1 scoop White Diamond, 1 scoop something more normal like Quake 10.0–it’s VERY nice.

Flavor is almost unmaskably bad, reminds me of when I used to take GTE powder instead of just sucking up the price difference and buying capsules.


So in other words
1 scoop it to the dome and chase it down with water…

Got it LOL


I like the way I’m able to use White Reserve vs. White Cut. White Cut needed to be two scooped for a good dose of everything, but it was over the top in stims for me. White Reserve is solid at 1 scoop and you can safely add another scoop of something else if you are feeling froggy. I’ve had good luck with Inspired and all of their flavors. White Reserve doesn’t taste as great as their stuff without stimulants, but it isn’t any better/worse than RE1GN and Arez God of the Gym which I put in the same category of high stim + goodies.


It’s very very good! Great energy, and endurance. Haven’t ever had a crash from any variation of it. Builds up a great sweat as well. You’ll notice strength increases as well


I didn’t think the taste was bad at all…which flavor did you get?


“Laguna Sunrise.”

The flavoring itself was fine, just totally overwhelmed by this medicinal bitterness from the stimulants.