New supplement thread

New supplement thread


We shall see, it’s definitely been getting some praise from the stim junkies out there. After having been off high stims for a while now, it’d give me a heart attack and blow my lunch out of my ass


They got a bro for that, trust the bro and hand over your money lol


Yup. Some independent mom and pop shops will eat this up. In turn, so will their under-educated customers.


boardline irresponsable imo


The OL Guys said on another forum:

“love how they copied the name and the japanese we put into the OG labels . And yeah lets go from 600mg caffeine in our parent label to 575mg for our off label … so thoughtful.”


Agreed, both of these were very underwhelming. Rockstar needs a ways to go on flavoring to catch up with the market


Who has tried all the Merica Energy drinks?
What were your rankings? I have a mixed case coming in. I watched the PP Reviews and freedom seemed to be the least favorite.


Any idea which one’s they’re talking about? Never saw their original products


Just copied and pasted what I saw on the other board.


Snickerdoodle was under-whelming, but the Chocolate Chip was really good!

It reminded me of mini Chips-a-Hoy!


Freedom tasted strange. Good but nothing like a Bomb pop


Will have to give them a shot


Grape > All



How does it compare to C4 Purple Frost and Purple Haze Bang?


best Grape of all Grapes, Bang, monster, rock star, c4, etc, etc.

and i love Grape


Different flavors.
Merica Energy is pretty much a grape soda (think Welches Grape Soda) where as C4 Purple Frost is a more complex flavor IMO.


I missed this. Who did what in the what now?

Creatine monohydrate apparently degrades to creatinine in water, so it isn’t added to these drinks. Hence the bonded or encapsulated forms. Seems like (for the time being at least), ThermoLife owns the “Super Creatine” patent and will be seeking damages from VPX!


This is another reason why Cellucor does not use their “Creatine Nitrate” in the RTD Drinks because of how it degrades in water over time. Instead they opt for a better ingredient Arginine Nitrates. Which IMO is a superior nitrate.


Rockstar, bang ripoff in the form of rockstar xdurance, uses normal creatine in a drink.