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Ghost Update

Blueberry acai Amino v2 - 55 Seconds
Ghost Hot Cocoa Holiday 2020 Whey - 3:30 Minute
6 Serving Sample Pack for the Holiday Whey - 4 Minute
Ghost Birthday Cake Protein Sampling - 4:45 Minute
Seasonal Greens Flavor - 6 Minute

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I’ve tried a couple of products of Morphogen, top quality.

Really love these kind of brand trying to change up the game.

I support the idea of maybe spending some extra cash for a better and higly dosed formula.

It’s healthy for the industry that more and more elite produtcs are created.

I hope this trend grows and continues.


Morphogen Protein Bars to come in 3 flavors

  • PB Honey
  • White Chocolate Macadamia
  • Maple Walnut

Still to come:
6 New Protogen Flavors
2 New Macrogen Flavors
1 New Vegagen Flavor


I’m not sure if this has been posted yet:


6 posts above yours.

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Ugh…I’m still in vacation mode.


You should have plenty of stims on your way :slight_smile:


Insert L-Norvaline comment here

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Outright killer.

And by “Outright”, I mean… like “downright”… or “absolute” (or do I?).

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I personally feel Ben’s products are great as he goes with the kitchen sink approach, but not even consumer wants to drop $48 per product, let alone his taste is subpar at best. Granted his formula and ingredient profile are top tier. The pricing may scare some away. Just my opinion. I am sure the bars will be solid. The initial feedback is awesome.

When you refer to taste, what have you tried?

Personally, I’ve tried both Macrogens and love them – but I can’t really speak to anything else.


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Next Gen?
Brad and Jen?
Here we go A Gen?

Typically a fan of the Iron Brothers brand but this one is quite disappointing IMO

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Per the latest Doug Miller video:

Core protein bar is a no go while they focus on Core Balls (using Core brand protein powder)

I have Ruthless in my collection and like it but I’ve only tried 1 scoop - I can’t bring myself to try 2 with 390MG of caffeine…although I may run Legion Pulse today with 350 so I’m a bit of a hypocrite I guess

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Used to take bulk L-Arginine when I very first started to get into supps. Like 10-12g for preworkout. Never even wanna smell it again, even in capsule form

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wasn’t they only effective because spiked with other stuff?

New from Ambrosia / Marc Lobliner

I love the fact that all the people ‘that already use it’ are all Ambrosia Collective Partners…