New supplement thread

New supplement thread

Like I said the things I would be are very overpriced.
For example I got CL Multi and Fishoil for half the price from another vendor and not amazon and free shipping, no reason to pay double for the things i want.

I don’t think you’re crazy for not going to Amazon @TheSolution

It has to suit your shopping needs. If it doesn’t, no sense in following a trend. In my house, it’s essential to how we shop.


Bingo. Exactly my point. At $110 or whatever for prime I can’t justify it if I never use it.
Especially for the things I buy (Which will vary from person to person). I maybe buy something off there once a year or twice… But very rare.

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Supplements specifically or items in general?

With the free rebate programs that I’m a part of, most of the purchases are through Amazon (some supplements but mostly household items).

I think most people go to Amazon because of the return policy and buyer protections.

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I love amazon for so much than just supplements. No issue buying supps if it’s the best price point.


Supplements. Majority of the things I buy are very overpriced on Amazon, so I never buy on there.
Besides that I don’t buy much online at all.

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Olympus Drip

7.36g of fermented vegan-friendly amino acids.

Olympus has also thrown 25mg of AstraGin into the supplement to support absorption.


Apple Money, Bikini Bottom, and L Squad.

I like Mobi, but I dislike calling any supplement “Drip.” Unless maybe it’s a a fat burner/thermo.

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Ric Flair drip?

If you want kanna, buy it from Barlowe’s. It’s the same top-tier quality standardized extract (well, standardized for the same/similar things, not the same exact Zembrin product) used in studies, and sourced from the same company that many legit products use when they use it in their products.

Edit: plus you only need a tiny 25mg dose, yet it’s in 500mg caps and still not crazy expensive like Zembrin is.

  • Limited Edition - One batch run for bulking season
  • Designed for those on bulking diets

Mass-NP utilizes not 1…not 2…but 3 different pathways to better utilize your carbohydrate intake during a bulk.

Cinnulin-PF - This patent extract packed full of Type-A Polymers is one of the heaviest researched ingredients for blood sugar support. It works by activating the insulin signaling pathway, thus up-regulating its action.

Corosolic Acid - Another research-backed ingredient, CA takes action on the existing glucose in your blood by opening the door between muscle tissue and blood glucose (via an enzyme known as GLUT4).

4-OH Ile (4-hydroxyisoleucine) - Working further upstream in the process, 4-hydroxyisoleucine supports blood sugar by up-regulating your body’s existing process to absorb and distribute glucose


Interesting product for sure. Limited run due to cost to manufacture? Or just marketing

Really excited about these.
Love the original flavor.

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Animal Pump

20 Serving Options:
Green Apple and Strawberry Lemonade

30 Serving Options:
Green Apple & Blue Ice Pop

Core is going to enter the vegan protein market soon!

Got to beta sample these. Honestly a solid product

Not bad at all. Don’t care for creatine in my pre, but it looks good

Edit: After seeing the Citrulline Malate dose, I may take back a slight amount of props…

It’s still a pretty solid formula IMO. The Nitrosigine is dosed well at least, so the two together should suffice for most people, and I’m honestly more impressed with them dosing the tyrosine and Alpha-GPC well than anything. The huperzine is easy to get right, but they actually doses the three well together. It’s a simple formula, but pretty solid actually.

one of the better labels from animal that i recall.

i’d give it a go

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