New supplement thread

New supplement thread

Too bad that flavor tastes like garbage from Ben & Jerry’s and their ice cream in general is low grade… So double negative IMO

Debuting at the O tomorrow

No info on profile atm


I’ll be buying them without trying. Snak Bars were phenomenal.

Hopefully they have samples so i can grab one

One to make a plant based bar with 12g plant protein and 1g sugar

They were but damn did they go bad really fast

Similar to the outright bar. I bought one from a gnc and it was hard/tough and not enjoyable to eat.

Shot rocks and now gummies…Cellucor creating a new market category (Performance Candy)!

What’s next? C4 sour strips?? :+1:


The Animal pro bar might be more for me than the Snak bar.

I would buy lol


That sounds awesome

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I will try to get a giveaway up soon on the new C4 Energy Gummies, stay tuned.


BOGO free Brain Bridge today direct from MAN.

And code: IA322DS may also get you a free tub if iso amino

Wow - great find! It works!

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Loved those. Many boxes bought

Dropping in October for breast Cancer awareness


With Quake 10.0 going away, trying to figure out how to replace it. It was perfect on my basketball and sports conditioning days. The Carnitine and PeakO2 really did it for me, sneaky lil pump too.

iForce Compete is another one I’ll have to find a replacement when I eventually run out.

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I saw that Stack3d has a ton of news from Olympia…a lot going on…It would take me all day to post it. Off the top of my head it looks like ModernBCAA is making it’s return.

Modern Sports Nutrition will be a conjunction with the 2 items I reviewed not too long ago from “Action Sports Nutrition”. The companies go hand in hand.

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