New supplement thread

What was the o-ring scandal?

46g per serving pre workout from Rise Performance

O-Ring Specks found in Shamrock Shake Protein during production
Owner took a lot of heat about it on another board
Owner thrown in ail twice for domestic violence/abuse
Company has never provided a COA/3rd party test on their product (after asking their owner multiple times)

they locked and deleted a lot of threads from which had more of this information, and his actual pictures from when he was arrested and taken to prison.

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Been seeing the Olympus Labs protein on BOGO for quite some time

Makes me wonder if:

  • Rebrand and new labels (kind of like what we see with levels and No mercy)
    – or –
  • Just pulling 1 of the 2 versions (Muscle Building with GABA + Enzymes)

I’ve got some gripes but it isn’t horrendous. Their FrostBite flavor is one of my favorites ever

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Crazy man…just crazy

Do I add this to Bang?? Instructions unclear. :yum:

That better?
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lol dude seriously I want these


Just throwing this out here since it is a new supplement… chance to win some of our new Proven Egg above! ^


Who wants to try some new PPK??

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Looks really interesting…

You should apply

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Animal Meal now available in Vanilla flavor

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I’d be down to try, but I’m not loving the 3g of creatine - why not roll out 5g? And raspberry ketones was an interesting add for the shred series.

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We used creatine due to it being the widely accepted compound associated with power. The difference between 3g and 5g is negligible but the difference that some get with stomach discomfort at the different doses is not. Hence the more tolerant amount.

RK was used for its ability to increase norepinephrine and synergies with Kinetiq and caffeine.

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I am down. I have been looking for another
pump product to try.

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I think this is probably more likely. Likely the muscle building one was a hard sell for the extra price.

still uncertain, some guy on NB’s FB Page was stating possibly both are going. Do not know the full details. The Muscle Building version is a hard sell especially for the price they did charge.