New supplement thread

New supplement thread


I guess we will have to wait until the ingredient profile and price point is released. I am not familiar with their Beyond Raw bottled product in terms of ingredients and cost.


Pretty good, considering it’s GNC. Taste was great as well. If you drive by a GNC, I recommend grabbing one or two.


Did they send you some to taste test?


Negative. I’m not vegan or lactose sensitive, so my interpretation on what the community wants or expects products like this to taste like is nil.


Ya know I think this may be the biggest reason! I tried a vegan protein last year, it tasted kind of bland and boring compared to Whey so I did not care for it, and thought vegan proteins are not great. But I have the option of taking it and am not required due to dietary restrictions. It would be different if you were forced to take vegan because you cant stomach whey, so you find the best in the situation and your pool is less. Just my two cents.


Proccor reformulated pre-workout


I don’t think you need to be vegan to give your opinion if something taste good or not .


Excited to try this out. Used to love MT in my early days. Nice to see a well dosed Pre from them


Absolutely awful. They get an A for effort though


Just went through a tub of it. Unfortunately I had the Jujube flavor, which was a bit much on the flavor. Profile is solid and I enjoyed my run with it


Jacked Pack was solid this month
Free 6 pack of cellucor Cans to boot!


Possible Coca Cola energy drink can


It would be cool to see one of these bigger name brands do something innovative. Like let’s combine caffeine with TeaCrine or something to buffer the energy instead of straight caffeine


Mountain dew made one, 90 mg caffiene and I think equal theanine, found them yesterday, they are decent, and have a cool can(resealable).


Game Fuel back when Halo 3 was released was epic. Now I have to find these and not drink them because of the sugar :-/


That’s a pretty cool find! I haven’t seen these before I believe?


Hey there. Just saw in Instagram that Guerrilla Chemist is about to launch his pwo. Any opinions on his knowledge?


Guerilla chemist is one of the leading minds in the supplement industry when it comes to ingredients and formulations. Whatever he puts out, you can expect it to be good


I saw those yesterday at Meijer. I passed on them. Only 90 mgs of caffeine per can.


This I can get behind. I wish more energy drink companies would make a cola flavored drink. Fruit flavors over saturate the market.