New supplement thread

too many goddamn stims in some of these.

Is the 425mg split doses between different forms or all anhydrous?

Different they will post label soon

Betting now stimpact is going to be disappointing
Dynamine just doesn’t seem to be good enough to justify a product. Unless they do something interesting I think this is just going to come and go.


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VasoMax reformulation, with Vaso6 and more Glycerpump(?)

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the name of the new insane labz preworkout?


Reminder, let’s try to keep the “New Supplement” thread reserved for new supplement discussion.



^^^^ agree sick of wall of texts of nonsense

Merica Labz future energy drink flavors in the works:

Cream soda
Cotton candy
Root beer
Cherry cola
Blood Sweat and Tears

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You’re good man!

I replied to yours but I don’t think you’ve ever been the culprit! It was a general message - not singling you out at all. :slight_smile:

@TheSupremeSoul I believe that your insight and feedback is a great addition to the forum! However, let’s create a new thread for specific ingredient discussions. The “New Supplement” thread is aimed to be a “news hub” for upcoming supplements.

When we clog up the feed with long discussions, it’s hard for forum readers to scroll through and find content that this thread was designed for.

Maybe I’ll create a new thread for “ingredient discussions” and we can carry over such conversations to that thread. :slight_smile:


I see. I suppose the title “New Supplements” has ambiguities huh?


Back to new products … not walls of texts

New purple frost c4 energy drink coming soon

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New flavors from nutrabolt
C4 Ripped Ultra Frost-
C4 Original Bombsicle-
Xtend Freedom Ice-

There will also be 2 new flavors in the ultimate line coming from nutrabolt this summer. I should be able to try them all when I head to HQ in September

Life’s Balance CBD…
Tried this “CBD” oil out. It’s bunk…no effects. This is the second time I’ve purchased “CBD” oil in Texas that turned out to be fake garbage. Last week in Portland, OR, I had tried real CBD, and I certainly felt its effects.

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Anyone ever heard of or used this pre? Got it from a friend.

Worthless imo

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Bummer. Wish I didn’t break the seal, maybe could have sold it

Animal Snak may come in a variety box
Also check the new bar flavor — mocha cappuccino —


Mocha Cappucino? Have you tried it yet? I’m in

Oh HELL yes