New Supplement Thread -- Part 2

Does Ghost usually do a Memorial Day sale?

Not usually IIRC but the ambassador codes are always active

They typically do a B2G1 free sale throughout the year

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Strawbango is my guess


Coming soon


Ghost Update:

2:45 - Favorite memories off Ghost Youtube Channel
3:00 - Ryan’s favorite moments off Ghost YT
5:00 - Dan’s favorite moments off Ghost YT
5:35 - Nat’s favorite moments off Ghost YT
6:35 - Fan’s favorite moments off Ghost YT
11:45 - CJ’s favorite moments off Ghost YT
13:00 - Ghost 6 Year celebration at HQ
15:30 - Ghost upcoming ideas -

  • Multiple Collab’s
  • Expansion of Protein RTD’s
  • New powder products coming
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Ghost update:

3:30 - What ghost has done this season

  • Launched energy internationally
  • Ghost exposing into music festivals
  • Collabs and future collabs nof even teased yet
  • More flavors and expansion of energy moving forward

5:30 - Recap of collabs and events from 2021-2022

  • Space Jam Collab
  • TMNT Collab
  • Michele Abbate and GRR signing with Ghost Energy
  • Expansion of Ghost HQ

See you in season 9

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1st Phorm to release an energy drink

Orange Sunrise and Citrus Blast.

August or Sept


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You get an energy drink and you get an energy drink

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Can only hope it actually has a formula vs just caffeine water.


Launch 6/21 at noon

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With the prices of all food products going through the roof, how has the pricing for these specialty nut butters changed over the past 6+ months or so?

They haven’t



Probably sign it’s coming soon.

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Lea has made no remark about increasing prices on her products. I will keep an eye on her social media and ADNB. I talk to her often, so I don’t know if that is in the cards yet. She is very proactive about those things.

That’s pretty cool. Although I don’t buy this stuff, it is nice to see a business taking care of their customers with pricing during this time


If she were to increase any prices she would 100% come out and be transparent about it.
After talking to her today she doesn’t see any foreseeable changes to the company or pricing. Just churning out a lot of new flavors.

If you have never tried ADNB they are hands down the best nut butter on the market IMO. The consistency and flavoring are top tier.

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It’s also worth noting that “inflation” is just a general metric and doesn’t affect everything evenly. The ingredients in nut butters are drastically different than what might go into, say, whey protein powder – so there’s hope that they might not be hit as hard.


I will have to give them a shot here soon.

True but with general grocery prices being up ~12%, I could only imagine nuts, sugar and other things used for these butters have increased the COGs

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This popped up on my Facebook feed today

These law firms are really stretching with this

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