New John Meadows Program

New John Meadows Program

I’m a fan of Meadows. I stick to my Y3T based splits with progressive overload. During the holidays I aim higher volume just to help out with the holiday junk I put in my gut.

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If you like Higher volume
Creeping Death 2.0 & Gamma Bomb
If you like progressive overload

New Program, Project Colossus, Creeping Death 1.0, and Odin Force would be your cup of tea.

I’ve tried gamma bomb - but it’s not the same approach. I’m all about the 80 rep leg press…for multiple sets.

Takes you to a place you didn’t think you could go. Utilizing rest pause at failure, it’s the single greatest program for MY body type. Preference and experience. Sure Gamma Bomb would translate into much better results for others - but we are all individual.

You must of not got to Creeping Death 2.0 where he has you do 100 Deadlifts :slight_smile:

He has some crazy good drop and accumulation sets on leg press in that program as well, some of the intensity techniques in PC and OF are absolute gut checks for mental fortitude. Love that about his programs.

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Ugh - I wish my body could handle that. Squats and deads have to be reformed slow for me. I have maxed chart bone density - but my bones are still very small compared to the average person. This makes free weight heavy lifts way to stressful on my ankles, knees, elbows, and AC joint.

Last time I squatted heavy I popped blood vessels in my eyes. Since then I backed off for my visions sake haha

Are all his programs just high rep? I have a tough time with high rep on lower body due to ankle surgery’s and injuries from my Army days. Could you post a sample workout, since his programs appear expensive, and I would hate to waste money on one if I wouldn’t use it, but always looking for new things. I typically stick with 5/3/1 or GZCL.

None of his program are all “high Rep”, all of his reps are varied, intensity techniques are varied. He can even have you modify the programs to 4/5/6 days depending on frequency, and recovery, and your overall goal.

He outlines how to do every exercise, every rep, and includes training videos to show you how to complete the exercise properly. Each document ranges from 100-300 pages in length, and you can pull it up on your phone and just follow along. They are all incredibly detailed in regards to nutrition, stretching, recovery, how to execute at the proper intensity technique.

They are night and day from what you may pick up, read in a magazine, or from a general outline on say or other online fitness resources.

here is workout #1 off his new program.

If you want a program we can always work a deal just shoot me an email I have 20 of them.

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Very interesting formatting. I love Meadows, I’ll buy one of his programs one day.

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I have 20 of them. Its the only training programs I will use from now on. The detail is second to none.

Which would you recommend to someone fairly new to BB-style/hypertrophy-focused training? I’ve always trained for strength, heavy singles and triples, and am interested in filling out my frame some more, but I’m very unaccustomed to higher rep ranges and i don’t want to obliterate myself with 100 deadlifts barely out of the gate

More volume
Creeping Death 2.0
Gamma bomb

Higher intensity
New program
Creeping Death 1.0
Odin Force
Project colossus

can you send me a programme, thank bro.

First post asking for a free program? Jeeeez man.


jajajajajaj yes bro!!

Stick around for a few weeks and you might get one.


Hey guys. Any chances of getting a programme?


You can purchase them on his webpage


I am halfway through the 3rd week of Colossus, and I am just soooo impressed! I love his writing, it feels like he is there with me each day on my workout coaching me! His videos are great, he just loves to teach and doesn’t go the typical bro and irritating route that most bodybuilders do! If i wanted to get cursed at I would just go back to Afghanistan!

I am totally on the John Meadows band wagon now! And let me just say week 3 leg day is BRUTAL loL!

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High evolutionary arm workout