New Ghost Supplements in the Future

Ghost to launch a vegan protein. They leaked the info in Episode #19 on their Youtube.
They will not launch it in Vanilla or Chocolate.

New News from Ghost: (5:37 in video)

  • Ghost Pump in stability testing
  • St Patty’s Day Flavor Whey (Irish Coffee) ((7:25))
  • Chocolate Chip Whey
  • Amino V2
  • Casein blended whey
  • Ghost Basic line (Creatine, Glutamine, Carnitine)
  • Warheads Pre in Sour Green Apple

Checkout my feature on 11:20 into the video


I have a $25 off $100 coupon for the 3 letter + a $20 off coupon which I was told should stack… Debating getting a couple tubs of Ghost proton this weekend. Blueberry Toaster Pastry and Peanut Butter Cereal have been calling my name for a while now.

Cool feature, Bob. I want some snickerdoodle cookies!

Get Cereal Milk & Blueberry. Cereal Milk is better IMO. I would go that route.

The recipe for my snickerdoodle cookies can be found on my Youtube @BKupniewski

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