NEW Fat Burner (Strong AF) | RADIATE CAPS 🔥

NEW Fat Burner (Strong AF) | RADIATE CAPS 🔥



I like this much better then the powder. The boys at RXS brought a very cost effective thermo pill to the market.


Such a badass review! Thank you guys for your time and honest reviews! Can’t wait to see the follow up videos!


Pleaseeeee tell me you have sample available. Dying to try this😭


I have some clenbuterol here at home…:slight_smile:


@TheMyth might but I know he is up to his chin deep with orders to pack so it may take a few days to process.

We have a promo running right now. A bottle is $19.99 with free US standard shipping. Good through the weekend. Don’t sleep on this one guys!


Sounds Iike an awful STD to have. Heard it burns to pee :joy:


We will in a few weeks, been swamped with orders! At $19.99 and free shipping though it’s worth getting a bottle before we sell it! Won’t see that price again!


I bit on the intro price, this is only the 2nd fat burner I’ve ever bought. Starting the time take my shirt off in public diet next week, will see if this makes it easier.