New Body Fortress Whey Protein Formula is Still Confusing

New Body Fortress Whey Protein Formula is Still Confusing


Body Fortress has released a new Super Advanced Whey Protein formula, which has come from the wake of the class action lawsuit filed against them, due to allegations of amino acid spiking to the point of deception. Great news, right? “We inspired industry change!” was our first thought. Unfortunately… no. …
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My bigger concern is I used Body Fortess chocolate because it was the only one that tastes good. The new formula is terrible and leaves an aftertaste. How do I find the old formula?


Just grabbed this because I caught it on sale for 9.98 at a grand opening ... use it for filler


ok first of all i have been useing this product for over 6 yrs i have no problem on what is in the product i have made a protien calculation on how much is really in it and true this protien powder is in the lower scale. but this is true whey protien powders are mainly used as a meal replacement tool. so even if you buy a expensive whey protien powder then you are wasteing your money . so body fortress is under 20.00. for what you get that is affordable. most high end protien powder companies make claims that may not be true.dont rely on pills and powders. tell that to the 18 yr old . good whole foods and rest and training. body fortress is ok with me


I just bought Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder Blend supplemented with Amino Acids & Creatine for $15.99. It has 30g Protein. The title on the label is Elevation.




my biggest disappointment in the new formula is the increase in both the calories to protein ration and cholesterol to protein ratio which more than doubled. What in this formula could account for twice as much cholesterol?


Man I forgot I wrote this article. The more anyone looks at it the worse it gets!!! Short answer: lower quality protein. There are several grades of "whey protein concentrate" - and this one's likely closer to bottom of the barrel.