MYOKEM Magnitropin Review

MYOKEM Magnitropin Review

I used Magnitropin as directed. Three capsules, twice a day for a total of six pills. The #1 thing for me was endurance was crazy after week 2. I was able to push out more reps then usual. At day 10, I did notice greater vascularity and and muscle fullness. Also worth mentions is a slight boost in libido and increase in appetite. My only regret was not running 2 bottles. I will however be running 2 bottles starting on July 1st. I would definitely recommend for anybody on a bulk.


Was this re-released?? I didn’t know it was out.

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Go to their website and sign up. They have a Buy 1 and get 60% off Fathers Day sale. This review is for the OG Magnitropin .