My personal diet

Hello! I’m have my diet

it is

On an empty stomach 200 ml of warm water.
We eat in 20-30 minutes.

Potatoes (breakfast)!
Skimmed milk. :exclamation:
Remove fried!
Beef, chicken, turkey - baked, stewed without oil, boiled or grilled.
Fish can be all except mackerel and herring.
Red fish can be in any form.
Seafood is everything!
Eggs! 10 pcs. 3 yolks.
Porridge / flour (only from durum varieties)! And only for the first 2 meals! :exclamation:
Fruit -> not allowed: grapes, pears, persimmon, banana.
Dried fruits are not allowed!
No honey!
We do not eat fruit after the 3rd meal, lemons can be used after the 3rd meal.
Only protein from the third meal
As a first snack, you can use bread and nuts
Second snack nuts / avocado

Write if anyone needs help! I’m an expert now!

What are you advise me?f7650063f1d398e49d43090cef172c28_ce_738x490x0x0_cropped_510x340

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You’re following a nice diet plan mate… surely contact you