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Appreciate that, @Caribou - following men’s physique pros, I know my standards are definitely high.

I apologize for the Ped assumption Matt, my error I just assumed because you’re young.

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Doctor prescribed TRT dosages are pretty low. Most of them being only around 100mgs a week. Some even require less. A high dosage of TRT is considered 200-250 mgs per week.

I’m close with someone who had 350 levels (he is 30 yo). A dose of 300mg weekly, and his levels were up to 1800.

Even better, he said everything in his life was better. Sleep, training, muscle, fat loss, motivation and drive for life, etc…

I’m not promoting TRT by any means, but it does sound like grass is greener if you’re on a scorched patch of dirt.

Wow! 300mgs for TRT is very high! He must be using an online clinic…LOL

I haven’t done enough research to know good doses. I just know it’s testosterone. Hah.

It’s all good. It’s just you hardly ever see TRT dosages that high. Good for him though. :slight_smile:

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1800 is AAS levels, not TRT levels. I’m sure he feels great!

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I understand, I’m the same way regarding my strength.

That said, I train in Marine gyms, and I’m USUALLY the biggest and strongest guy there. There are videos of me in my training log–if you compare me to pros, I’m VERY small and weak. It’s important to have perspective. My 445 DL 1RM @ 210 pounds is AWFUL if i compare myself to John Haack or Cailer Woolam, but to 99/100 people I pass on the street, it’s an insane feat of strength.

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100mgs bi-weekly or even monthly for some can get T up to high normal levels