My Experience & Recommendation

As some of you may know or have an idea, my current cycle is a very mild one. I am taking 500 mgs. Test-E a week and 40 mgs of Anavar daily. Injections are done Monday & Thursday. 250 Mgs (1CC) each day. The anavar dosage is split twice during the day.
I have been upfront with my doctor so she knows exactly what I am doing and what to monitor. My blood pressure has the been the main concern on this. She prescribed Lisinopril for the high blood pressure. No bad estrogen effects yet.
I am not condoning the usage but if a person decides to go this route…Please, please consult with your physician before, during, and after. Also get blood work done as I have done already. All is good. The liver enzymes up a bit but that is to be expected. Just make sure to go the safe and smart route.

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This is something that should be discussed more openly. Especially considering how many people can hop on TRT now and days.

Being honest, I fully plan to get on TRT in my early-mid thirties. My testosterone levels are between 400-450, and I would love to maximize my potential and feel better.

Thanks for bringing this up, @Brawn

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You are welcome. I plan on competing in an NPC show, Masters Division next year in September so I wanted to do what I needed to do to be competitive. At 48, I don’t know how many shows or years of hard training I have left in me. So I figured, now or never.
Yes, I feel it should be in the open too. This is where people get in trouble and have health issues. They don’t research it, talk about it, plan it, etc. They just want to take whatever they hear a “big” guy at the gym is taking and that is the worst thing a person can do.

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Yes. As a lawyer, I don’t support illegal activity. However, there are many things a doctor can/will prescribe as far as anabolics are concerned.

I respect people who openly state when they use stuff. I despise it when people lie or hide it - if they are using anything. I am about to compete in an NPC show as a natural in 2.5 weeks. It will be humbling… but I am still going to be proud of my body of work.

Nice disclaimer :wink:

I follow the law for the most part because I have no interest in being fined or arrested, but some laws are ridiculous, and some are patently unjust. I believe it’s a citizen’s duty to protest or engage in civil disobedience in those cases.

But I’m not really talking about AAS with that so it’s neither here nor there, just chiming in.

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I’ve been on HCG monotherapy for about eight months after bad results with clomid monotherapy. 1000iu twice a week with 0.5mg anastrozole at injection time. I’m supposed to do every three days, but the cheapest HCG I can get locally is $180 for a 10-dose vial and I do not have an extra $180 every 3 weeks.

It’s better than nothing but I’ve struggled with hypogonadism for years and years - diagnosed at 24, 29 now - and plan to write about my experiences someday soon here. I may still eventually get on TRT if the HCG continues to decrease in effectiveness.

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Interesting thread. Don’t see this often enough for sure.

So Brawn, just so I understand this right, you literally tell your doctor your cycle plan and get their opinion? Not questioning you in any way negatively, just making sure I understand.

Yep. Doctor/Patient confidentiality. I have been comfortable with my doctor for some time. She is a great doctor. She understands and this way she knows what Im taking so if any health issues arise, she knows where to start.

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That’s pretty cool actually, I wish there were more"bro docs" out there to help us with"safe access"

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I’ve had open conversations with mine about TRT. With my low levels (400-450), they have said I qualify for it.

However, wife and I are trying to get preview to now, so that stuff is OFF limits!

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TRT in your thirties? Wow. I am assuming you have used a good amount of PED’s for that to be necessary.

Can’t speak to anyone else, but I’ve never used PEDs. Just have naturally low testosterone.

Watch our video reviews - I’m a pretty small dude. Lol

You’re not a small dude Matt!

I plan on approaching my doctor about my testosterone after I have a kid. With modern medicine I don’t see a problem with taking control of it under doctors supervision

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Same. Better life, better longevity, better endurance, better drive and energy - worth it IMO to take a shot 2x a week.

So are you off the sarms now?

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just wanted to say that when I was diagnosed with low T at 24 I had never touched any sort of PED either. I had, however, had testicular torsion a few times and been kicked in the nuts during schoolyard fights a couple times over the course of my life.

A lot of men are being diagnosed with it earlier and earlier. There’s a lot of speculation as to why, ranging from the reasonable (more sedentary lifestyles, poor diet) to the ridiculous (the chemicals in the water turnin’ the frickin’ frogs gay)

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For sure. I wrote an article about plastics and how the estrogens in plastics MAY result in low t.

Ever since, I have used glass Tupperware and will NEVER eat anything heated in plastic. Microwaving certain plastics have shown placsticiers being transferred to the food.

Not worth the risk to me, no matter how small. Because hey, maybe that’s what got my t so low… : (

yeah I grew up in a kind of a hippie family, no plastics or anything.

I never put on a lot of muscle mass as a kid either and was always pretty weak and scrawny, but I was also capable of growing a full beard by 14, so who knows what the hell my body is doing.

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Haha. I’ve worked out crazy hard since I was 15, even through college. Took one year off in undergrad and got kind of “scubby.” As you can see from PricePlow videos, I’m just not genetically gifted in terms of bone size and ability to build muscle.

I did get a DEXA scan the other day and my bone density is maxed out on the chart from all these years of lifting though! Haha - so there is that one benefit.

Think you may have some body dysmorphia goin on there bud, you’re fuckin yoked by normie standards