MuscleTech Mission 1 – New Protein Bar!

MuscleTech Mission 1 – New Protein Bar!


The category is protein bars is becoming more and more competitive lately. We have the front runner in Oh Yeah! ONE Bars and Quest Bars. Recently, MusclePharm has entered the market with their Combat Crunch Bars this past year as well. Not one to let the competition pass them by, …
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Why wouldn't you put the ingredients? Why didn't you put the complete breakdown like you did with the other protein bars? You know better then that!


The Oh Yeah bars only have 6-8% calcium. Something is VERY WRONG THERE! The Combat bars have 22% which is what you would expect at 60-63g bars. I'd stay far away from the Oh Yeah for now. The Muscletech bars can't ingredients can't be found anywhere. There not selling them yet I guess. They must of started showing them at the Olympia. There is no added calcium so that is not what the problem is.