MusclePharm Lab Tests at MPSSI (Sports Science Institute)

MusclePharm Lab Tests at MPSSI (Sports Science Institute)

The industry has been clamoring for more transparency and 3rd party testing for a few years now. Last year, this all came to a head with several massive lawsuits surrounding amino-spiking in protein powders. In case you don’t remember, here’s our write-up detailing the situation. 2015 has seen some of …
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I think the biggest problem is they're trying to mass produce that stuff. When I first started bodybuilding I looked to supplements to help me with my workouts and recovery. My dad got the iron whey and I got the iron mass, we shared iron cre3 and pump. We thought we could really trust the Arnold name which was a bummer when we saw the lawsuit. We've switched everything we own in favor of Priceplow's top 10 lists. Go with the PES Select protein for a quality protein, they're actually third party tested. Not third party tested by its own company... I think the real winner of the Arnold Series is the new muscle bars. Absolutely delicious with 30g of protein, still a lot of unnecessary fat and carbs but a great treat.


Not sure what you mean by "Not third party tested by its own company"...They send out the tubs to get tested by Eurofins who is not assosiated with MP from what i can tell.


They're personally sending tests to the company rather than purchasing it at a random location. Who's to say they haven't paid off the tests? Of course this could be argued for every company but I just can't trust the Arnold series right now. It's being heavily mass produced to where you can buy any product from that line at Walmart. Nothing wrong with that but that's a lot of demand to really insure the best quality.


So this raises a huge question for me, why even put a proprietary blend in the product or on the label if you are going through all this damn trouble?


Very true, the only "selling point", if you want to call it that, behind a proprietary blend is that a company will argue it needs to hide its dosing so another company won't steal there secrets. But with a very simple lab test they could measure every aspect of the product. Proprietary blends are ways companies can deceive about their dosing anymore.


Yeah, but I mean, how dumb do they think we are?


I am very happy with these results, because MP Combat cookies and cream is the best tasting, easiest mixing protein on the market. I just wish they would come out with a graham cracker flavor now.