MusclePharm - Four Free Combat Crunch Bars

MusclePharm - Four Free Combat Crunch Bars


All you have to do is go to this link and subscribe to the mailing list, and MP will send you four free bars.


Off topic but is that you selling the sample lot on eBay?


Dope, thanks!


I am selling one. - but no clue which one you’re referring to. : )


The only sample lot listed under that username…


Thanks for the link!


It went for $50 something last time but keeps getting relisted.


The person didn’t pay


i’m a bit slow, so that is your ebay account or no?

perhaps i phrased my question wrong.


Just got mine! Choc chip cookie dough, my favorite


Nice, hope they will ship to hawaii for mine.

Side note but muscle pharm has been doing some good stuff recently, Wreckage has a good dose of vaso 6/citrulline and is a good deal when its on sale, even if its a bit scarce on everything other then pumps and caffeine, but I suppose that works with their other products which tend to be the opposite.

Actually their post workout and amino acid supplement are a pretty good deal as well(if you are a fan of arginine and taurine)


$200 for that Ghost PWO??? brah just lol


Waiting for some rich kid CG fan to attack. Lol.


ever see what OG Detonate goes for? i seen it sell for $760. Insane.


It’s nuts man. I didn’t know it was that much. I remember USPlabs Coompound 20 was going for $250+ when it was discontinued.

I love Ghost but I think a big part of the following has more money than the average consumer. The Maxx Chewning Mango Margarita was selling on eBay for $150 the day after it sold out. Fingers crossed the CG Legend does the same. My bank account needs it. : )