Muscle Elements loves the Stanley Cup

Muscle Elements loves the Stanley Cup


Being a Northerner I look forward to the Stanley Cup and want to share my enjoyment with a “Cup Contest.”

First Prize are full tubs of PreCre or XS and Post Pro
2nd Prize is a full tub of Post Pro

How do I enter and win

*Pick the winner of the Stanley Cup and in case we need a tie breaker, how many games will the finals go and pick the final score.

That’s it!

All we ask is that you have a US Address and winner to post a review of their winning.

Let’s have fun. Hell even if you aren’t a fan, just make a few random picks



Welp, gotta go with my hometown champs, the Pittsburgh Penguins!

6 games, 4-2


Bruins, 5 games, 3-1, Vs Vegas Golden Knights


Tampa Bay, 6 games, 3-2


Gotta go for my team here:

San Jose, 5 games, 4-3


I’ll take the Nashville Predators in 6 games 4-2


Penguins 4-1!


Gotta support the Blue Jackets!

Gonna go with Blue Jackets in 7. Final score is 3-2.


Tampa Bay beats Nashville , 7 games, 3-1


Winnipeg, 6 games, 4-2


My pick…in 6



Predators in 7


Minnesota, eh. In 7 games.


Predators, 5 games, 6-2


Devils gonna make a cinderella run and beat the Jets in 6 games 4-2


Capitals in 6


Columbus in 5. Go Buckeyes


Nashville in 7(2-1)


Nashville in 7 games


Da burgh…that is all