MTS Ruckus 2017: Lobliner's High-Stim Pre Workout Got HIGHER

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Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition have revamped their high stim pre workout Ruckus with even more caffeine, focus, and pumps. Marc “The Machine” Lobliner is certainly living up to his name. He and MTS Nutrition haven’t shown one inkling of slowing down. Over the past few years, the brand has… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Not for me. No reason to have that much caffeine in a pre workout or any drink for that matter…LOL I took Yeah Buddy before,it has 400 mgs and that was too much. All you feel is stimulation from the caffeine, no pump. Not a good feeling to me.


I really enjoyed the original Ruckus - but when I saw 480 MG of caffeine…I just can’t

I love Yeah Buddy–it’s basically nothing but tasty caffeine with a bit of beta-alanine, but the time-release caffeine really does it for me, I find that straight Anhydrous leaves me on empty about 2/3rds of the way through my longer workouts.

Following up on this…

Marc is great - and CJ did a pretty good impersonation…

Personally I just need enough caffeine to ‘get me going’…Guess I’m just showing my age.

As long as the caffeine dose is tolerable, there are viable benefits to higher caffeine doses:

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Interestingly enough…

Here is something that I recently discovered:

The days that I have my best workouts have come from the following routine:

Up around 6 or 6:30 to get our daughter off to school
Breakfast that includes a Venti Mocha from Starbucks (*checks label 150 MG of caffeine…hmm)

Training around 10:30 or11:00 am Pre-workout drink (NutraBio Pre or Legion Pulse) checks label again 300-350 MG of caffeine…hmm Part II)

So wait my best workouts are coming from 450-500 MG of caffeine over an extended period of time?

The only reason I thought about this is that this morning I went to the gym (no food) having had my NutraBio Pre and NutraBIO WPI…GlycoFuse intra…and I’m still kinda tired…(that could be age)

Random thoughts

Best workouts in what way?

How meticulously do you log your workout data?

I would expect that in the 5-6 mg/kg range you’d experience greater reps to failure in the 60-70% 1MR range, so if that is where your working sets and volume are, I’d expect some benefits attributable to the caffeine (Among other ingredients in those PWOs)

What does your breakfast to include the venti mocha include?

That vs. going faste + GlycoFuse seems like a pretty glaring difference between the two workout scenarios :stuck_out_tongue:

All great questions…

Better in that I lift more weight and feel better while lifting…I’m more ‘awake’…which could be attributed to the fact that it’s a few hours after I wake up and after I’ve eaten something as well…Joe DeFranco strongly suggests that you wait to workout a few hours after you wake up to let your body fully ‘warm up’ or ‘wake up’ as the case may be. But as we all know there are times when that just doesn’t fit in to the plan.

I’m simply pointing out that that perhaps 480 MG of caffeine isn’t too much as I had thought.

Solid review. I’ve been wanting to try Ruckus since its reformulation. I wish I waited for that before getting nasty new Clash.

Sounds like a good, fair-priced pre.

Quality Lobliner impersonations too, CJ haha.

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